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Announce: Version 0.11.0 Release Candidate


After a few months of development, version 0.11.0, Release Candidate 1 is now available at . Assuming there are no big problems, it will be released at the usual by the end of this week.

Here is the relevant information from the changelog:

New Features

  • Wrap non-rich nodes to a maximum width
  • Support editing multi-line non-rich nodes
  • Make rich nodes only as wide as content requires
  • Support for links to websites
  • Support for icons
  • Basic keyboard navigation support (currently very inconsistent among different platforms. Works best on desktop Firefox)
    • Space     : fold/unfold
    • Ctrl S    : Save map
    • Arrow keys: Navigate around map
    • Ctrl Up   : Move node up in child list
    • Ctrl Down : Move node down in child list
    • Delete    : Delete node
    • End       : Edit node, put cursor at end of text
    • Enter     : Add sibling
    • Home      : Edit node, put cursor at beginning of text
    • Ctrl Home : Center selected node
    • Insert    : Add child node
  • Exported map names now have zero-padded month and day numbers

   Bug Fixes

  • Make node background color the same as cloud if no background color specified
  • Better inertia scroll -- you can interrupt inertia scrolling and drag in a different direction
  • Fix dragging map with a mouse, when cloud present